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Welcome to Global Merchants' online catalog. We offer products which are both unique and affordable. We continuously travel across the globe to bring you products that will not only pique your imagination, but also satisfy your curiosity and enhance your personality. Our goal is to satisfy your taste for high quality, and delivered at an unsurpassably low prices. Our selected products make great gift ideas and are good for personal use. Latest among our selected products, we bring you our award winning detachable Bluetooth device for your cell phone convenience Detachable Eyeglass Bluetooth and our MP3 Player Sunglass with Bluetooth combined in an elegant sunglass. We takes Bluetooth convenience to the realms that no other Bluetooth gadget has gone before.

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Our full time staff travel the world to seek and bring you newest and greatest gift idea products. Please visit us regularly as we update our products periodically. We pride ourselves in bringing it to you before it becomes a commonplace product. Our websites are designed to offer you detailed information about each of our products so that you are well informed about it before you decide on buying. For this reason, most of our products have individual descriptive and pictorial page. Please use the browser button to always go back to previous pages or scroll to the bottom of every page to use our navigational buttons. Happy Browsing!!

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