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Automobiles; trucks; hardware; plumbing and heating equipment; paper products; typewriters; office equipment; furniture; medical items; textiles; industrial equipment; copiers; calculators; single-family homes; town homes; condominiums; public land; forfeited property; boats; jewelry; art; antiques; aircraft; postal vehicles; computers; scales; clocks; radios; televisions; tape recorders; compact discs; VCR's; clothing; unclaimed merchandise; Shopping Centers; office complexes; financial instruments; banking equipment; restaurant equipment; heavy equipment; storage and display fixtures; livestock; boats; motor vehicles; collectibles; yachts; jeeps; tents; aircraft components; household paints; recyclable materials such as iron, aluminum, copper, paper and much more; station wagons; sedans; sailboats; electrical supplies; heavy construction equipment; undeveloped land; plus more!

Many government agencies hold auctions and sales regularly throughout the year. This complete Guide tells you who to contact and where they are located. Plus it gives you the information you need to be prepared for the sales and auctions .

Your Cost is Only $15 plus $2.50 (shipping and handling)
Outside of the United States, please add $5 instead of $2.50

To order the above item, please send your check or money order to the address below. Please quote the product number or title of the book you are ordering to enable us to accurately fill your order.

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