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Hong Kong Trade Directory

Now... You Can Buy Direct 10,000 Products... at Cheap Hong Kong Prices!

HONG KONG PROFITS... You have heard that there are factories in Hong Kong that produce thousands of products at low give-away prices. But never before have you been able to believe that you could get in on these lucrative profits!

SECRET SOURCES ... Only the big importers knew the secret addresses in Hong Kong and who to buy from. We went to Hong Kong, located the low cost sources and have put them in our Hong Kong Trade Directory.

FREE SAMPLES... Yes, you can get samples direct from Hong Kong with this complete Hong Kong Trade Directory. Shipments can be made to you by air practically overnight. Your dollars are valuable in Hong Kong. No need to pay high union labor costs in the U.S. or bloated manufacturers' profits.

BEST PRICES... Why buy from Hong Kong? It's simple! You want to get the best prices. You want to get exclusive import deals! Imagine, if you will. that you can get the exclusive import rights for the U.S. on a product! If everyone in the U.S. had to buy from you, wouldn't you be able to make a fortune?

DON'T DELAY... But, don't delay! Now that we are making our directory available, others will want to get on the bandwagon. There's still time, but you must act quickly to be one of the first to get in on the new low cost buying opportunities.

EASY TO IMPORT... Let me assure you that your only cost for getting in contact with nearly 300 manufacturers in Hong Kong that offer over 10,000 products is only $15, and the few cents to send them a letter once you have our Hong Kong Trade Directory. There are no membership fees to pay. No fancy, expensive import courses to take. We've eliminated all of that.

FACTORY PRICES... Watches; Bonds; Fashion Accessories; Radios; Garments; Hardware; Handbags; Jewelry; Toys; Hats; Calculators; Decorations; Art; Gloves; Footwear; Foodstuffs; Hair Products; Vacuums; Gift Items; Plastic Products; Photo Equipment; Car Accessories; Lamps; Novelties; Chemicals; Machinery; and much, much more

LATEST EDITION... You will get the latest, most current edition and just getting it in your hands will put your fortune within your grasp.

MAIL ORDER PRODUCTS... Find a new MAIL ORDER item in our Hong Kong Trade Directory . . . or find a staple item at a new low price or find a source to have a product made to order for you at cheap Oriental prices, and the top quality that Americans demand!

It's all here in the ALL NEW Hong Kong Trade Directory. Full, 64 pages . . . complete with photos on every page...

WHOLESALE ONLY... Remember this is a wholesale importing directory, not retail; you are dealing directly with the factory in all cases. The Chinese work on low markups seeking their profit from many orders.

GUARANTEE! We guarantee that the addresses listed are 95% accurate. We also guarantee that items shown in the Directory are from direct sources who will ship to the U.S.A.

Your Cost is Only $15 plus $2.50 (shipping and handling)
Outside of the United States, please add $5 instead of $2.50

To order the above item, please send your check or money order to the address below. Please quote the product number or title of the trade directory to enable us accurately fill your order.

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