Gyroscopic Shaver

Gyroscopic Shaver

Needs No Battery...No Electricity...Just Pull its Cord and You're off to a Radiation-Free Shaving Experience

If you are one of those who worry a great deal about radiation of sorts when you use cellular phones or shavers, you are not alone. We may not yet have solutions for your cellular phones, but we have one for your shaver. Our new Gyroscopic Shaver is very simple to use to use. Pull the cord and set the razor to a speed of 15,000 rpm. That is about 4 times faster than a regular battery operated shaver. It has a built -in 3 self-sharpening steel blades housed behind its ultra-thin shaving dome, giving you a clean, close shave every time...and anywhere.

This shaver makes an ideal companion around the house, for camping and travels. It is very compact,, it fits in the palm of your hand. Be the the first in your household to own this environmentally friendly shaving machine.

Product # Gyro-Shaver
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